HisoHiso consists of Ida Elisabet Liffner and Weiwei Persson. What started as a school collaboration has emerged in ongoing projects and adventures. Through our work with illustrations, patterns and products, we aim to encourage play and storytelling for children,as well as for the adult.

We find that having a secret can be a way of maintaining the personal integrity, build a sphere around the own person and to be in control of your own rules and values. The HisoHiso was created to provide the child with a personal space in a public place; such as the public health care waiting room, dentist or similar. Situations that can be associated with discomfort or lack of control. This is a secret world, a children’s only hiding place. The lights inside is controlled by the child’s voice, and encourages storytelling and expressing thoughts and ideas. The forest hidden inside the hiding place is an imaginative place to explore, experience and build stories around. The HisoHiso as a place for stories also places it naturally in the library. It brings the illustration out of the book and into the room so that it can be an interactive story.